Twelve Oaks provides a wide ranged of personalized services to meet the physical and psychological needs of those recovering:

  • Detoxification Services
  • Adolescent Program
  • Comprehensive Diagnostics
  • Post-Trauma Recovery
  • In-Patient Rehabilitation
  • Partial Hospitalization
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Intensive Outpatient Program
  • Relapse Prevention

About Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center provides a nurturing environment where talented professionals guide and support adults and adolescents as they learn a new way to live, free from the bonds of addiction.

If you are struggling with alcoholism, drug addition – or if you care about someone who is – then you know how this disorders can cause lives to spin out of control. At Twelve Oaks, we help addicted individuals regain control over their lives, take responsibility for their behaviors, and once again become positive contributing members of their families and communities.

With a wide range of treatment options and a holistic approach that blends both time-tested techniques and effective emerging methodologies, the dedicated members of the Twelve Oaks treatment team are able to develop personalized plans to meet the unique needs of each person who chooses to heal with us.

Also, by forming partnerships with clients and family members, we ensure that all who have been impacted by the addiction play active contributing roles in the return to health and the pursuit of long-term recovery.

Twelve Oaks Philosophy

At Twelve Oaks, we understand that chemical dependency is a treatable disease with complex physical, behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual components – each of which can significantly impair normal functioning.

To provide our patients with the optimal treatment experience, we design comprehensive, individualized plans for each patient. These plans are assessed and amended on a regular basis throughout the treatment process, to ensure that they accurately and completely meet the specific needs of each person who chooses to heal with us.

We believe successful recovery involves many changes – including improvements in self-esteem, interpersonal relationships, family interaction and vocational productivity, as well as the attainment of realistic life goals – and we are proud to provide a safe and nurturing healing environment in which these changes can occur.