Proclaim: Christian Addiction Program near Pensacola, Florida

The Proclaim Christian Treatment Program at Twelve Oaks treats those individuals who are seeking relief from the effects of substance abuse in a faith-based program.

About Proclaim

More About Proclaim at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center near Pensacola, Florida

This program offers the intensity of a Christ-centered process, integrated with our traditional treatment program. The psychoeducation and intensive therapy takes place in an atmosphere of faith and hope, based on belief in Christian values. Our program offers Biblically and psychologically based counseling. The combination of this program with the Twelve Oaks traditional treatment program enables you to look at the impact of substance abuse on your life and on your relationship with God.

The primary modality of treatment in Proclaim is group therapy with adjunctive individual therapy. Therapy is focused on the impact that substance abuse has had on not only the physical, cognitive, psychological and emotional aspects of daily living, but also on your commitment to your faith. Psychoeducation groups will explore topics including the impact of substance abuse, decision making, anger management, relationships, emotional expression, awareness, behavioral responses, self-harm, personal power, addiction & trauma, and responsibility.

Psychotherapy Groups:

  • Christ-Centered Therapy
  • Art Therapy
  • Anxiety Management
  • Journaling & Writing
  • Bible Study
  • Celebration Recovery Workbooks

Individual Therapy:

  • Bible-Based Study
  • Prayer
  • Counseling

Substance Abuse Program

Substance Abuse Program and Proclaim

In conjunction with Proclaim, you will be participating in the substance abuse program at Twelve Oaks. The combination of these two components provides an integrated treatment program.

Substance Abuse Program

  • Comprehensive substance abuse/diagnostic assessment
  • Detoxification/medical stabilization
  • Inpatient rehabilitation
  • Family Program
  • Life skills Groups
  • Relapse Prevention
  • AA/NA Groups
  • Social Rehabilitation
  • Psychoeducation Groups on Addiction

Faith-Based Treatment

Benefits of Faith-Based Treatment

  1. Discerning God’s will from your own and abstaining from substances and addictive behaviors.
  2. Working with staff members who are committed Christians as well as addiction professionals.
  3. Treatment Services supported by scripture and biblical teachings.
  4. Letting go of the guilt, shame and self-doubt related to substance abuse.
  5. Treatment with a group of like-minded Christians committed to their faith and recovery.
  6. An effective blend of traditional treatment, alternative treatment and faith based treatment.
  7. Opportunities for spiritual development and relationships with self, others and God.