Northwest Florida’s Leading Residential Substance Abuse Treatment Center

Premier Substance Abuse Treatment Center for Addiction

Twelve Oaks substance abuse treatment center offers a wide range of advanced substance abuse treatment options including detox rehab, intensive outpatient rehab for substance abuse, residential treatment for substance abuse, treatment for co-occuring disorders.

At Twelve Oaks’s treatment center programs are custom designed to meet each individual’s specific needs. The Twelve Oaks substance abuse treatment philosophy is used to guide the design of each program and is then carried out using Twelve Oaks’s advanced 6 phase treatment model for addiction. Twelve Oaks’s substance abuse treatment center is one of the premier substance abuse treatment centers in Florida.

Cognitive therapy is used during the course of treatment to deal with depression (short-term antidepressant meds may also be indicated). Impulse control exercises are used to help patients deal with cravings, anxiety, and agitation. Patients are involved in 12 step support groups with strong spiritual emphasis to deal with their feelings of hopelessness. Family involvement during treatment is strongly encouraged as well as aftercare attendance after the initial treatment program is completed. Attention is also given to nutritional or other physical problems that may have developed. Exercise helps heal damaged brain chemistry by stimulating endorphin production, so an exercise regime is also encouraged.

Residential Treatment Center for Substance Abuse

Twelve Oaks’s residential treatment for substance abuse programs are designed for individuals who require round the clock care and support. The average length of stay at this level of substance abuse treatment is 28 days. Length of stay at Twelve Oaks’s premier residential treatment center is contingent upon the severity of detox rehab required, the willingness and ability to complete Twelve Oak’s program, and comfort level at time of discharge. At Twelve Oaks you will find not only residential treatment for addiction including supportive aftercare, but also residential treatment for co-occuring disorders. Inpatient rehab at Twelve Oaks includes a supportive, dedicated and caring rehab treatment staff of highly qualified and experienced addiction recovery Experts.

Upon Admission to Twelve Oak’s Residential Program
Upon admission to Twelve Oaks’s residential treatment center for substance abuse, Clients are assigned a Licensed or Master’s level primary counselor who will collaborate with them and the rest of the multidisciplinary treatment team to create an individualized treatment plan.

At Twelve Oaks’s we recognize that the amount of time a client spends with us is short so we provide clients with as many tools as possible while with us including:

  • Physical and Substance Abuse Evaluation and Treatment Recommendations
  • Psychiatric Evaluations (as needed)
  • Process Groups Five Days a Week
  • Educational Lectures
  • Relapse Prevention and Continuing Care Planning
  • Holistic Therapies (yoga)
  • Sober Fun Activities
  • Exercise in a Fully Equipped Gym
  • Self-Help Support Groups (AA/NA)

Typical Day at Twelve Oaks’s residential treatment center for substance abuse.

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