It is relatively easy to get clean and sober in a good drug rehab or alcohol treatment program such as what you will find at Twelve Oaks, however, what is not so easy is remaining clean and sober after completion.

With this in mind, we at Twelve Oaks believe that a strong substance abuse aftercare plan, a sober support network and a relapse prevention plan are needed prior to leaving treatment. This is an essential step in recovery and must be in place if the best possible chance at life long success is going to be achieved.

Twelve Oaks goes above and beyond to ensure that every client has an in-depth substance abuse aftercare plan that meets their specific needs. While many drug treatment programs provide referrals to outpatient care, therapists and sober living environments, we at Twelve Oaks do that and much more!

Our Addiction Aftercare Plan

  1. We extensively research all of your substance abuse aftercare options to ensure an appropriate match
  2. We assist to schedule appointments with the most respected treatment providers
  3. We provide recreational therapy to help you cultivate new interests, passions and skills that give you something to work toward

Aftercare Plan Features

This level of planning and preparation can be the difference between sustained recovery and relapse. In addition to discharge and relapse prevention plans, the following substance abuse aftercare plans are also included in our programs:

Substance Abuse Aftercare Plan

In continuing care at Twelve Oaks, clients may be contacted 30, 90, and 365 days after leaving treatment by staff to check-in on their progress and to provide compassionate support and encouragement.

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association is comprised of former Twelve Oaks clients in different stages of recovery. The mission of the Association is to provide an opportunity to continue to practice the tools taught in treatment, as well as a chance to build a supportive network with others who are also in recovery. Being an Alumni member is vital in allowing for ongoing support and is crucial in relapse prevention. After care support services include:

  • Weekly Meetings and Open AA meetings
  • Online support through a private alumni room
  • Online meetings easily accessible for those who are overseas
  • Four annul events held at Twelve Oaks
  • Workshops at chapter meeting sites nationwide
  • 30-, 60- and 90-day relapse prevention progress calls

After having unsuccessfully gone through numerous facilities in the past, I learned about Twelve Oaks and gave it a chance. By far it has been the best decision I've ever made.

– April F.