At Twelve Oaks, our treatment philosophy is based upon the understanding that alcoholism, drug addiction and other forms of chemical dependency are treatable diseases with complex physical, behavioral, psychological, social and spiritual components.

This understanding is accompanied by the belief that successful recovery results from making many changes – and that our dedicated and experienced treatment professionals are uniquely prepared to guide clients through the transformations that will allow them to pursue happier, healthier and more productive futures.

Among the comprehensive addiction recovery services offered at Twelve Oaks are concerted efforts to help our clients develop self-esteem, establish and maintain healthy interpersonal relationships, enhance family interactions, improve vocational productivity, create realistic life goals and make healthy lifestyle adjustments.

Our Treatment Philosophies

The following principles are designed to enhance and support our clients’ progress through this life-affirming process:

    • We are dedicated to ensuring that Twelve Oaks remains a nurturing environment in which all clients collaborate with treatment professionals in an atmosphere of dignity and respect.
    • We realize that addiction impacts the entire family, and that recovery is enhanced by the presence of supportive loved ones. Our program includes an intensive family component.
    • We strive to be as cost effective as possible while delivering the highest level of care. We accept most major insurances and work closely with residents, families, partners and insurance companies in formulating a feasible treatment plan.

The Twelve Oaks Mission

It is the mission of Twelve Oaks to provide quality chemical dependency treatment to individuals served. Twelve Oaks provides treatment to adults and their family members. We are committed to rendering this treatment in an atmosphere of trust, honesty and responsibility through supportive confrontation, sharing of feelings and reality orientation and medical management.

The Twelve Oaks Vision

It is the vision of Twelve Oaks to be the provider of choice for our patients, family members, referral sources and payors. We shall strive to exceed the expectations of our customers in the provision of high quality, cost effective services.

Finally, as a proud member of CRC Health Group, we also embrace CRC’s five core values:

  • Respect– for our patients, our employees, and our community
  • Integrity– in our dealings with all those whose lives we touch
  • Accountability– to our patients and their families, and to our colleagues
  • Responsibility– for the decisions we make and the actions we take
  • Excellence – in every task we perform

After having unsuccessfully gone through numerous facilities in the past, I learned about Twelve Oaks and gave it a chance. By far it has been the best decision I've ever made.

– April F.