A Typical Day


Mornings at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Twelve Oaks is a place where comprehensive addiction treatment meets beachside living. Most days begin with a nutritious breakfast and meditation.

The morning is dedicated to small group therapy sessions, which help patients delve into the issues underlying their drug or alcohol addiction. Individuals struggling with post-traumatic stress disorder and addiction free pain management participate in additional therapies and specialized groups with counselors who are experts in this area.

We strive to make Twelve Oaks more than a drug rehab facility, but also each patient’s home away from home. Our facility operates like a town, with an elected patient serving as mayor and town hall meetings each morning. We encourage patient feedback and suggestions so that our “town” remains a safe, comfortable place for patients to do the hard work of addiction recovery.

Evenings & Weekends

Evenings & Weekends at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous and Cocaine Anonymous meetings take place on-campus most evenings, as well as optional relapse prevention and process groups. Twelve-Step meetings and group therapy continue on weekends, along with recovery-related movies, recreational activities and religious services for those who wish to attend.

During their free time, patients may go for a walk on the beach, work out in our fitness room, board games, or play volleyball on the beach.

At 11 p.m., the lights go out as patients enjoy a restorative night’s sleep in preparation for another powerful day of recovery.

Town Hall Meeting

Town Hall Meetings at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Our drug rehab center operates like a town, with an elected patient serving as mayor and town hall meetings each morning. During these meetings, patients gather to address any issues affecting the community.


Lectures at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Lectures educate patients about the disease of addiction, the 12-Step process, anger management, self-esteem, drug cravings, relapse prevention and other recovery-related topics. Speakers include our therapists, medical director, and individuals from other outside organizations.

Therapeutic Recreation

Therapeutic Recreation at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

A recreational therapist hosts this group designed to promote health and wellness, rebuild social skills, and develop skills for independent living providing alternatives for “sober fun”.

Circle Group

Circle Group at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Established by patients, this optional group allows patients to discuss issues and offer support and feedback in an effort to help each other stay clean and sober.

Notice to Our Patients

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