Insurance and Payment Info

Twelve Oaks will verify your insurance at no cost. We are able to work with most insurance providers to make treatment as affordable as possible.

Financial Information

Substance Abuse Treatment Financial Information

Twelve Oaks has made every effort to keep our addiction treatment programs affordable while ensuring the highest quality of care. Twelve Oaks and its programs are approved by TricareAetna, and most other insurance companies. We work with most major insurance providers and can assist you in determining which insurance benefits will be available for your treatment. We will walk you through the process of accessing those benefits, and can also help you with financial arrangements for private payment if necessary.

Insurance Responsibility

Client/Patient Responsibility at Twelve Oaks Recovery

The client/patient must understand that it is the sole responsibility of the subscriber/guarantor to know what his/her insurance benefits are, and if the policy is in effect. As a courtesy to our clients, our business office will make every effort to verify the insurance and to obtain the benefits from the insurance company. No employee or anyone affiliated with Twelve Oaks will, or can be held responsible for knowing what a client’s insurance will or will not cover. This includes benefits that may have been quoted by the insurance company.

The business office will bill your insurance as a courtesy to you and make every effort to obtain payment. However, all or any portion of the bill that is not paid by the insurance carrier is the sole responsibility of the client and/or the guarantor. Benefits that are quoted by the insurance company may only reflect coverage charges and not 100% of the billed charges. Benefit quotations are subject to the member’s eligibility at the time benefits were requested and any quotations are not a guarantee of benefit coverage or of member eligibility until actual insurance payment for services is received. All anticipated uninsured/non-covered charges and projected co-payments are expected to be paid upon admission. No interest will accrue to current accounts.

To learn more about financing treatment at Twelve Oaks, call our caring admissions counselors at (850) 203-3002

Notice to Our Patients

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