Swimming Therapy

About Swimming Therapy

Learn About Swimming Therapy at Twelve Oaks

Twelve Oaks Recovery Center is located on the beautiful emerald coast on the Gulf of Mexico.  Twelve Oaks recognizes that the use of water activities can be instrumental in providing a therapeutic experience in treatment.  We also recognize that these water activities can be an opportunity to help patients learn to socialize in a sober environment.  The use of the water area at Twelve Oaks for activities includes swimming. Swimming is allowed at scheduled times.

At all times, there will be 2 staff available, one of which must be Shallow Water Safety certified including CPR and First Aid certified.  Staff will ensure appropriate lifesaving floatation device(s) are on hand prior to permitting patients to enter the water.

Patients still in detox are not allowed to participate in water activities.  However, all others are able to participate at the appropriately scheduled times by group.  Swimming will be in designated areas marked by buoys only.

Swim Attire

Swimming Attire at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Bring your swimsuit with you when you come, but remember the following: swimsuits must provide full coverage (for males and females).  Females must wear a one-piece bathing suit, shoulder-strapped, without revealing tops or high-cut legs (full coverage). Males must wear boxer-type, board shorts (full coverage, no speedos) Bring your long t-shirt just in case. Long t-shirts will be worn if there is any staff-recognized inappropriate attire. Swimming attire will only be worn on the beach area and only when engaging in swimming activities only. Bring your favorite cover-up. Cover-ups (t-shirts, etc.) will be worn to and from the cottages or dorms. At no time will swimming attire be worn in the clinical building, dining building,  medical building or administration building or in smoking areas.

Sun Safety

Sun Safety & Importance During Your Time at Twelve Oaks Recovery Center

Don’t worry, we’ll provide the sunscreen.  Sunscreen is required while participating in water and beach activities.  Remember sunburn is damage to the skin and all patients will be cautioned to use sunscreen often while in the sun and water.  Some medications will cause photosensitivity, increased skin sensitivity to the sun, and extreme care must be taken, including wearing a t-shirt over swimming attire when in the sun. A list of those medications will be posted in the medical building.  Florida is closer to the equator and therefore the sun is more intense. Along with the reflection properties of the white sand and blue water, the time to a severe burn is lessened.  Those from other areas or not accustomed to being in the sun will be advised to be extremely cautious, even on cloudy days.

We hope your will enjoy your beach time with us.  We are certain our beautiful shoreline will aid in your recovery!

The admissions process at Twelve Oaks was very efficient, and the staff was so friendly and helpful to me when I needed it the most.

– Britney D.